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It used to be that CES was for TV’s and computers. Nowadays it’s really exciting to see the new functions of the car. Connected and selfdriving it will change the world a lot more then a bigger screen. Here are some of the new must see inventions. Lots of new players but the old ones who adept like BMW are also there.

Cool was the Self Parking demo of Faraday Future ‘FF 91′ on CES 2017. a much hyped chinese company which wants to compete with Tesla on everything but is having a problem producing vehicles. They showed the 2018 targeted electric sedan with a cool selfparking feature.

The presentation in 7 minutes, auto parking does not work on stage!

Detailled demo of the parking function outside the parking lot!


Nvideo shows their autonomous driving car. Take me to starbucks! really cool!

CEO of Nvdia, they are knows for their superfast graphical cards, but Jen-Hsun Huang gives a great AI/Robotics keynote with lots of cool gadgets. The presentation on revolutionising the car industry starts at 35 minutes. Lots of great detail. This autonomous driving platform is in my new ModelX which arrives at the end of the month

BMW shows Co-Pilot,all-knowing, all-talking, all-driving car. It has an interesting gesture controle in de 5 series. Not electric but cool as an assistent!

BMW also showed the ConnectedDrive programme, an open platform which allows developers in the Open Mobility Cloud platform to create apps which directly can be tried on the concept car. That is a nice open way to accelerate development.

Blackberry owns QNX a secure platform which can be the function as a platform. They show at CES with a connected car with smart over the air updates, an jaguar with sophisticated media system and a an complete selfdriving car with all the features needed. Who knows what blackberry will end up being!


Toyota is starting late and shows concepts car in electric and autopilot. They have a started a AI/Robitics last year  R&D centre in the USA  which employs 100 people. They are showing there concept car. Cool doors, heads up display etc.

Ralph Hannappel Mngr Europa electrification at Opel discussies the importance of the Opel AmperaE. What % does he expect of new sales in 2025 will be electric? It turns out to be extremely modest. He thinks that in 2030 only 15% of new vehicles will be electric while Norway and The Netherlands government expect 50-100% of new sales. Maybe it’s because Opel/GM expects to make $9000 loss on every vehicle.

Ik loop 10 minuten om de opel Ampera E heen. Het is een kleine auto met veel ruimte van binnen en een 60kwh accu die 500km range moet opleveren. Dat betekent 400km als je normaal doorrijdt op de snelweg. In de video zitten nog wat foutjes maar ik wilde hem toch snel publiceren.

Ook interview ik Jeroen Maas van Opel Nederland over alle zaken die hij niet kan zeggen zoals de prijs en wanneer we hem kunnen rijden en bestellen. Ik verwacht meer dan €37.500 omdat hij in de USA $37.500 kost, Q1 rijden en in Q2 levering.

Ralph Hannappel

Review Opel Ampera E
De Opel Ampera was 1 dag in Nl en ik keek er van buiten en van binnen in. Hierbij de ruwe versie. Prijs vermoedelijk iets meer dan €37k plus opties. Grote LG 60kwh batterij met 500km range. Veel ruimte binnen, ook achter. Grote bagagebak. Voelt wel klein van buiten, groot van binnen. Kon er helaas niet in rijden.

Jeroen Maas woordvoerder Opel NL

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AI and robotics expert of Singularity University about the future of mobility

Neil Jacobstein is the chairman of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track at Singularity University. He has a strong belief in AI and robots. Where still a lot of people see these developments as something dangerous, Neil Jacobstein sees robots and AI as very useful technologies.

Neil Jacobstein about mobility

A lot of this technology is implemented in new cars, like the Tesla. What’s Neil Jacobstein’s opinion about autonomous driving electric vehicles? He works at NASA Research Park campus in Mountain View California, a place where you see a lot of these vehicles on the street and where they experiment a lot with the technology. What does he think about Uber’s experiment with self driving cars and what do we see on the roads in 2020, 2025 and 2035?

Tesla AutoPilot gets dramatic safety update

During the press conference on Sunday 11th, Elon Musk talked about a dramatic improvement in autopilot software. Experts will be forced to keep their hands on the wheel or face consequences. Better use of the radar (that can look 2,3 cars ahead) will improve safety, three times better compared to normal cars.

I live tweeted the highlights of his announcement, you can read them here (link):

The future of Lithium-air batteries

A good article in The Economist about the future of Lithium-air batteries. A new type of electrical cell may displace the lithium-ion design. Where Elon Musk told us a week before that ‘wringing more efficiency out of batteries is far more difficult than optimising the process by which they are made’ a paper published in Nature Energy outlines a way of making a battery that stores twice as much juice as the lithium-ion cells the Tesla Gigafactory fabricates.

The founder of this new battery is Ju Li of MIT. Lithium-air batteries are not new at all but several versions have been plagued with problems. Dr Li found a solution by using lithium superoxide instead of actual air. Read the full explanation at the Economist’s website.

Aleks Kojic

In the USA I met Aleks Kojic who wrote an article about Lithium-Air batteries. According to him it’s a great technology but there’s still a long way to go.

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Who is the famous Norwegian Tesla vlogger Bjørn Nyland?

Bjørn Nyland from Norway is famous of his Tesla videos on YouTube. He has 27.000 subscribers on YouTube and almost 10 million views in total. His most populair video is a video made at the German Autobahn where he put the car to the test. The video where he is reaching a top speed of 215 kph in 27.2 seconds has over a million views.

Who is Bjørn Nyland?

Of course Bjørn Nyland was invited to the opening of the Tesla Giga Factory, because Bjørn gets an invitation for every Tesla event. Who is this famous YouTube guy and what does he think about the Model X? What experience does he have and what are the improvements compared to the Model S? And what does he think about the factory?

Hottest feature of the Model X: the Bio Defense Mode

What do the people in Nevada think about their new Model X car? And what’s the difference between the Model S and the BMW i3? Before Elon Musk’s talk at the Giga Factory I asked some people what features they love the most.

Bio Defense Mode

A surprising answer by a Model X owner. The feature she loves the most is the Biohazard button. The function takes care of some fresh clean air which is perfect for people with very bad allergies. Tesla claims it’s 300 times better at filtering bacteria, 500 times better at filtering allergens, 700 times better at filtering smog, and 800 times better at filtering viruses than a normal car’s air filter.

20 min tour met conclusies van mijn bezoek aan de Gigafactory

Ik vloog van Nantucket naar San Francisco om hierbij te kunnen zijn en ik was absoluut niet de enige. Duizenden mensen van over de hele wereld brachten een bezoek aan Tesla’s Gigafactory, midden in de woestijn in Nevada. Hier worden 1,5 miljoen batterypacks per jaar gemaakt. De fabriek, die helemaal door Tesla zelf wordt gebouwd, is nu al gigantisch terwijl het pas voor 14% klaar is. Toch wilde ik hier graag bij zijn, omdat hier iets groots en historisch aan het gebeuren is.

Wat is het belang? Waarom is dit interessant? Hoe werkt Tesla samen met Panasonic? Hoeveel batterijen packs gaan ze maken? Waarvoor worden ze gemaakt? En wat zijn de prijzen? Alle antwoorden op deze vragen:

Watch the 20 minutes Gigafactory Tour

Watch the summary of my trip to San Francisco and Nevada

Watch Elon Musk’s presentation at the Grand Opening

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VER and Norwegian EV association sign MOU to work together

Norway is a really interesting country when it comes to EV. The Netherlands is the #1 PHEV & charging country in the world, while Norway is the #1 BEV country with the highest penetration of EV by far.

VER and Norwegian EV Association sign MOU

Eric Beers (VER) and Christina Bu (Norwegian EV Association) signed a MOU to work together as electric driver associations and learn from each other. The Norwegian EV Association had over 35.000 members and is already 20 years old. The Dutch VER started six months ago, has 1700 members but is very ambitious.

Join the VER

Are you Dutch and interested in EV? Join the VER for free and help us to become as successful as our friends from Norway.

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