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It used to be that CES was for TV’s and computers. Nowadays it’s really exciting to see the new functions of the car. Connected and selfdriving it will change the world a lot more then a bigger screen. Here are some of the new must see inventions. Lots of new players but the old ones who adept like BMW are also there.

Cool was the Self Parking demo of Faraday Future ‘FF 91′ on CES 2017. a much hyped chinese company which wants to compete with Tesla on everything but is having a problem producing vehicles. They showed the 2018 targeted electric sedan with a cool selfparking feature.

The presentation in 7 minutes, auto parking does not work on stage!

Detailled demo of the parking function outside the parking lot!


Nvideo shows their autonomous driving car. Take me to starbucks! really cool!

CEO of Nvdia, they are knows for their superfast graphical cards, but Jen-Hsun Huang gives a great AI/Robotics keynote with lots of cool gadgets. The presentation on revolutionising the car industry starts at 35 minutes. Lots of great detail. This autonomous driving platform is in my new ModelX which arrives at the end of the month

BMW shows Co-Pilot,all-knowing, all-talking, all-driving car. It has an interesting gesture controle in de 5 series. Not electric but cool as an assistent!

BMW also showed the ConnectedDrive programme, an open platform which allows developers in the Open Mobility Cloud platform to create apps which directly can be tried on the concept car. That is a nice open way to accelerate development.

Blackberry owns QNX a secure platform which can be the function as a platform. They show at CES with a connected car with smart over the air updates, an jaguar with sophisticated media system and a an complete selfdriving car with all the features needed. Who knows what blackberry will end up being!


Toyota is starting late and shows concepts car in electric and autopilot. They have a started a AI/Robitics last year  R&D centre in the USA  which employs 100 people. They are showing there concept car. Cool doors, heads up display etc.


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