Home Auto Pilot 2.0 In the Model X: David Birch, John Faye and Dutch Future Society

What’s the first impression of the Model X and electric and autonomous driving? Almost every day I let people experience themselves that driving an electric car is everything but boring.

This week I had David Birch, John Faye and the Dutch Future Society team in my car.

David Birch

David Birch is a big blockchain expert and you might know him from the Dutch Blockchain Conference and some of my blockchain videos. Will he love the Tesla as most as the Blockchain?

John Faye

John Faye works in the financial industry in London and he is on his way to New York with his 10 year old son. He takes to Tesla to Schiphol airport and realises that this is going to revolutionise mobility and travel.

Dutch Future Society

Dutch Future Society aims to create a community of professionals who are interested in the future. And now they are driving the future!


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