Home Charging Meet Rose, the electric Saab 95 from 1968 converted to an 18kwh...

I visited my old friend Marco Stromberg in Germany. He is not only the proud owner of a Tesla model S but also the owner of a Saab 95 that he converted into a electric car. Moreover, he converted his home to a fully selfstaining smart home!

His Saab 95 was built in 1968, and there are only 7 of them in Germany. Marco invested 10.000 euro in order to make it a 13kww 38hp electric car.  In the video Maro shows how the system, that he built himself, works.

His smart home is perhaps even more amazing than his Saab 95. He invested 30.000 euro, but is saving 6.000 euro a year now. It is fully sustainable. It generates not only enough energy for his house and heating system, but also to charge his cars. And he delivers energy back to the net!


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