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The future of Lithium-air batteries

A good article in The Economist about the future of Lithium-air batteries. A new type of electrical cell may displace the lithium-ion design. Where Elon Musk told us a week before that ‘wringing more efficiency out of batteries is far more difficult than optimising the process by which they are made’ a paper published in Nature Energy outlines a way of making a battery that stores twice as much juice as the lithium-ion cells the Tesla Gigafactory fabricates.

The founder of this new battery is Ju Li of MIT. Lithium-air batteries are not new at all but several versions have been plagued with problems. Dr Li found a solution by using lithium superoxide instead of actual air. Read the full explanation at the Economist’s website.

Aleks Kojic

In the USA I met Aleks Kojic who wrote an article about Lithium-Air batteries. According to him it’s a great technology but there’s still a long way to go.


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